Nutrition & Health

Balanced diet - the basis for your health

Nutrition & Health

Overweight - Problem No.1 factor

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy life.

This is made up thus:

As our body itself is about 60% water, it is important to regularly feed it liquid. You should optimally, drink at least 2 liters of water daily.
Alternatively fruit juice spritsers, juices, herbal and fruit teas are also good.
Coffee and black teas are excluded.

Fruits and vegetables: at least 2 times a day:
This provides valuable vitamins and fibers. If you cannot eat regularly a healthy and balanced meal then , one of piece of fruit and vegetables as a snack will provides you with valuable vitamins and usually contain few calories they are the perfect snack if you want to lose weight or simply "just" eat healthy and maintain your weight.
Pay special attention to seasonal fruit and vegetables, which protects the bargain, your wallet, while protecting the environment.

Cereals and whole-grain products: several times a day:
Examples: potatoes, pasta, bread and rice are the primary suppliers of carbohydrates but also of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Milk and milk products: at least 2x a day:
Deliver valuable protein and calcium, which are essential important for bone structure and musculature.

Fish (2-3x per week), meat (2x per week), eggs (max. 3x per week):
Are also excellent sources of protein, such as fish also contains iodine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegetable oils and fats: 1-2 tablespoons daily:
Certain vitamins can be absorbed by the body only in the presence of oils at all, so for example the tablespoon of olive oil is urgent and especially healthy in your tomato salad.
The so-called unsaturated fatty acids derived from plant materials such as olives come, have a variety of uses in the human body such as the repairing cells or the protection of the blood vessels.
Therefore please do not avoid but use sparingly, if you want to lose weight, on vegetable oils and fats.

Should be eaten sparingly or avoid because of the high calorie and fat, particularly if you want to lose weight.

Treat yourself and your body a balanced diet and you will feel much more fit.