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Prof. Dr. Laurence Kirwan

As you know, I went on a program recommended by Dr Laubinger, my colleague in Hamburg. I combined it with a sensible change of diet and exercise and from May 2011 to August of the same year I lost 20 pounds. It is now February 2012 and I am still 20 pounds lighter at 160 pounds at the considerable cost of some new clothes and alterations. I am currently building up muscle to continuing a healthy life-style. On the left I am enjoying my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and cream and five years later on the right, I am about to eat into an apple after getting back from the gym.

Sandra, 36, from Hamburg:
"Have you taken?" This sentence I am listening to which everyone likes or ...?
Now I've heard it three times by nice fellow.
Due to the NWL-treatment and the support of Daniela Laubinger I have lost over 20kg in three months.
Ideal figure is still not there but a drop from dress size 48-50 to 44 was a big step for me. With the new dress size and colour fashion has become a joy: I used to wear only dark colours. It may now be summer colours. Shopping is finally fun again! I maintained my weight now for about four weeks. A few days ago I bought some new jeans.
Until then I had worn larger sizes. This is probably why all the nice words.
I can recommend the spa very much. It is a change and it is not always easy at first. Man is a creature of habit and on the other hand has to be but perseverance pays off. As fast as I've never taken off and fear 'my yo-yo effect I have not.
Thank you Daniela!

Arne, 38, from Hamburg:
Twice already I have completed two weeks (2011 and 2012) of the treatment program of NWL Company. It was my goal, after many ups and downs, finally to" gain a better body. This I succeeded with full enthusiasm. Because the program and the personal attention available it is simple, easy and well implemented for "everyone" at any time. Moreover, the results are sensational: The best side effect for me was the exorbitant weight loss (6-9 Kg/14 days), which was important to me. In addition to compliance with the treatment standards (homeopathic complex remedies, etc.) was exploring the variety of nutritional options available. The result: no hunger pangs, did not miss any of bad food I used to eat and have slimmed down quite easily, it purifies and recharging the batteries of the body. I know what is clear for me and that is to continue the NWL program yearly.

Meike, 37, from Hamburg:
I am 37 years old and had good 25kg too much on the scale. After many attempts with the most popular weight loss programs and diet drink tortures I've come to know about NWL. At first I was a bit skeptical. I take cortisone and had thus always feeling hungry. The change to her diet concept was not difficult. At the beginning of the program the hunger was still there, but after a few days it disappears. I've previously eaten far more than I should and this was not kind to my figure. Through this course, I've lost 16.6 kg in 12 weeks. The support provided by Mrs. Laubinger is great! She always has an open ear and helps you get through with little tips and tricks to cure without much trouble, especially times when I had a hangover and had to fight with my inner demon. Daniela has always been there for me during and after the treatment. Since I am not yet quite at my personal goal with my weight I will start the third course now the end of February and its not because I could not keep my goals. That's no problem at all, but simply because I'm not there yet. I'm looking forward to it! My body image has changed a lot through the slim down process. I just feel freer and lighter. I had this feeling already during the treatment. I enjoy every day much better with my new self-confidence. For me personally, I have finally found the perfect way to reach my ideal weight!

Janette, 46, from Hamburg:
Does this sound familiar? Compensating for own stress with food ...
Within a year Ireached 11kg. The pants and dresses were tight, my discipline unfortunately getting worse. My mood became increasingly erratic whenever I looked in the mirror. Oh dear, what had just endured my friends? Eventually, I realized that I had to act. So it really was not! But I wanted a healthy diet. No yo-yo effect and no diet, which I anyway do not think through long because too many foods are strictly off limits. I wanted a diet that teaches me how I can come to new eating habits sensibly and permanently healthy. My diet with the NWL Company was easier than I thought. Gradually tumbled the pounds and finally I have achieved what I achieve wanted. Namely my favorite dresses can pick up again! In the meantime, I'm doing sports again and got used to a regular eating pattern. It's a great feeling to start with good humor and a smile to your day! And anyone can make it!