Natural Weight Loss - The concept

Healthy, rapid and sustainable lose weight

Natural Weight Loss - The concept

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Weight Loss made easy:

The Natural Weight Loss Program combines of an individually tailored
nutritional plan with a homeopathic injection of active ingredients with the aim to keep blood sugar levels constant and to increase the metabolic rate.

The program begins with an individual
consultation and taking a detailed medical history, which includes your current dietary habits. Once you are medically fit we can start your Natural Weight Loss immediately.

This consists of 3 steps:

1 The Metabolic Activation phase
2 The Weight Loss phase
3 The Structure and Stabilisation phase

Metabolic Activation Phase is limited to two days, with the aim to stimulate your metabolism.

Weight Loss Phase can, according to your personal weight loss goals, last from 2 weeks up to 6 months. In this phase you eat according to a custom-created diet plan and a homeopathic subcutaneous injections 3 times weekly.

In the
Construction and Stabilisation Phase: , which is limited to 2 weeks, you stabilise your metabolism level with the aim to "normal" eating habits.