Losing weight after pregnancy

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Losing weight after pregnancy

Overweight - Problem No.1 factor

You have grown naturally in pregnancy. This is necessary in order to optimally provide your baby and make him a good start in life.

For the following reasons it comes to weight gain:

At birth, your baby weighs about 3,300 grams.

The uterus increases to about 900 gram.

The placenta, which supplies the baby in the womb with food, weighs around 600 grams.

Their breasts are about 400 grams heavier.

Blood volume increases by 1,200 grams.

The extra fluid in the body has a weight of approximately 2,600 grams.

Moreover, about 2,500 grams of fat reserves accumulate during pregnancy, which provide extra energy for breastfeeding.

This means that by the end the pregnancy you have about an average 11 kg more weight than before pregnancy.

Guidance is the Body Mass Index (BMI) before pregnancy, as it is based on the individual gain at the output weight.

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