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Press release (2014):

Healthy and easy weight loss - THE NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS COMPANY

Your Partner in weight loss, nutrition and health in Hamburg and London.

(Hamburg, 2014) Do you suffer from weight gain due to stress, quitting smoking, lack of exercise or pregnancy ?

The Natural Weight Loss Company supports its customers to achieve and permanently maintain their desired weight loss.

After many patient interviews, market analysis and market research, the Natural Weight Loss Company, in close cooperation with homeopaths and nutritionists, developed its program for quick, successful and above all healthy weight loss, to keep the desired weight without the yo-yo effect .

The program combines an individually tailored diet plan with a homeopathic ingredient, with the aim of stabilising blood sugar levels and keeping your metabolism on an active level.

The personal support during the program encourages motivation.

The Natural Weight Loss Program is continuously evolving through current medical and scientific developments.

The goals of the program and the motivation to participate are individual and range from losing that 5kg before the wedding to a long-term 40 kg weight loss and maybe more.

The results speak for themselves, 90% of the Natural Weight Loss Company's customers have not only successfully achieved their desired weight but also permanently maintain this weight.

The Natural Weight Loss Company was founded by Daniela Elena Laubinger in Hamburg in 2010 with an emphasis on weight loss, counseling and coaching.

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